Oblivion (2021)

We continue to make history each day in order to create a better world for ourselves and to learn from our predecessors. Our historical data has a priceless vastitude of knowledge and much of it has drifted into oblivion, both consciously and unconsciously. There have been many times in my life where I felt overwhelmed and felt myself entering “oblivion”, lost in whatever point of my life I was at. However, I found my way back in realization that this feeling was necessary in order to progress, much like how history had continued despite various devastations along its way. Through the usage of shadow and light, I attempted to portray how being in a state of oblivion isn’t about overcoming, but a necessary balance to remember the importance of its consequences.

Music: Blackburn, Maurice, composer. "Le Merle/The Blackbird." National Film Board of Canada, 1958.