Nature’s Stamp (2021)

This animation is an allegory inspired by Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s stance on “man versus nature”. The storyline captures a man attempting to find the answer to nature or “nature’s stamp”, which is represented through an orderly collection of green circles. The man continuously tries to replicate this same pattern -- each trial represents humans’ industrial developments from history. For example, the first stamp is made out of nature, the second is made out of machines, and the third is made from outsourcing on the web. However, after many trials, the man ends up failing. The moral of the work illustrates how human desire to reiterate natural order results in a chaotic aftermath. I chose to draw with charcoal to represent the rebirth of natural material. Perhaps, charcoal works as a connective axis between nature and man. This connection realizes that human progression has been built on nature. The start to our recovery derives from accepting nature as its own perfect, chaotic order.