Mwah! (2023)

Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art pieces from the 60s, I created a pairing of two pieces that cover the concept of a woman’s lipstick and how they use it against their lips. This piece was originally a line and symmetry study where I aimed to experiment with  positive and negative spaces in order to create assymetry and symmetry. Pop art embraced popular culture and everyday objects, elevating them to the status of art. As pop artists often depicted images of women with bold and exaggerated features, these representations emphasized the power and allure of femininity, challenging conventional beauty standards and celebrating individuality. Lipstick, with its vibrant hues and transformative qualities, became a potent symbol within the pop art movement, reflecting the idea that femininity could be both a personal expression and a cultural statement. The composition of the lipsticks on the right represent this unique and personalized form of a woman’s lipstick as it is all different shapes due to the various ways in which a woman applies their lipstick. 

Gouache on paper, paper cut out