Crocodile Tears (2023)

In my piece “Crocodile Tears”, I attempt to make an analytical and social commentary on our human reaction of crying. The term “crocodile tears” is a metaphorical expression used to describe insincere or fake displays of emotions, particularly sadness or remorse. This phrase has its origins in a myth that crocodiles weep while eating their prey, suggesting that the tears are a sign of their hypocrisy and lack of genuinity. This metaphor has been used to comment on the nature of human emotions as well. Many people often put on a façade of emotions, pretending to feel something they don't, in order to manipulate or gain sympathy from others. This is especially true in today's hyper-connected social media landscape, where people can easily craft a curated version of themselves that may not reflect their true feelings or intentions. My distorted nose on the tissue box that I console myself with, conceptually resembles the character Pinocchio as it alludes to this manipulative performance.

Music: Rythmetic by Norman Mclaren