Buoyant (2021)

In Asia, a rock tower has had a spiritual meaning for centuries. Balancing rocks on top of one another wishes one’s good luck and success. Growing up, it has been my family tradition to build rock towers at the top of temples, at the beach, and so on. With every rock tower built, each of my family members wished for my success in life. However, these wishes for my future slowly began to become a heavy burden and expectations that I felt like I could not meet up to. My sculpture, “Buoyant”, portrays an unimaginable form of balance that defies gravity, as a representation of the expectations. Yet, behind each rock that has been placed by my family members, comes their love. This allowed the burden to become lighter, even though these rocks are balancing illogically. Ultimately, the rocks are all still balancing, which represents how amidst each wish and rock tower, I still found a way to balance myself through their support.

Clay, acrylic paint