A Home (2021)

In South Korea, children born in prison under parents in the criminal justice system are often subjects to misjudgment and discrimination. During the past summer, I participated in an exhibition held by Seum Corporation, a non-profit organization that brings awareness to the children of inmates. This exhibition gave me an opportunity to find creative solutions that can be used as powerful tools to change people’s mindsets and bring attention to the hidden realities occurring in our society. With my piece, I wanted to represent care that exists in a home through the concept of food. By emphasizing the contrast between the appearance of the two rice cookers and the rice grain inside, I wanted to illustrate the gap between a normal household and those of the children in need of aid. The rice symbolizes nourishment but also the difference in social status.

Mixed media, resin, rice grains

Social Awareness Exhibition Website: seumx1-5.com